Definition of ill-educated in English:



  • Having or showing a poor level of education.

    ‘the ill-educated rural poor’
    • ‘illiterate, ill-educated rants’
    • ‘The Commedia was, Reynolds argues convincingly, a poem designed to entrance illiterate or ill-educated audience members with its narrative drama.’
    • ‘There were letters to the press, denouncing him for shaming the island by drawing attention to the corrupt English of the ill-educated.’
    • ‘Masters and matrons were often ill-educated and sometimes tyrannical and cruel.’
    • ‘Both the poor and the ill-educated face a constellation of problems, all of them a lot more immediate than Internet access.’
    • ‘The newly resurgent hardliners, with their strongest support among the poor and ill-educated, are now trying to reimpose that grip. "’
    • ‘Revealing myself (yet again) as an ill-educated clot, I'll admit I have no idea what it means.’
    • ‘In her opinion the young people he would come in contact with were vice-ridden and ill-educated.’
    • ‘Winning politics are politics that accept a common humanity and fallibility, and not those that stigmatize others as ill-educated dupes of machine politics.’
    • ‘I am thinking of a range of people I know who are ill-educated, and not necessarily focused on the knowledge society.’
    • ‘Pre-war American schools don't deserve romanticizing; they turned out plenty of ill-educated graduates and served many minority and poor students very badly.’