Definition of ill-proportioned in English:



  • Badly or wrongly proportioned.

    ‘an ill-proportioned and meager space’
    • ‘I could do a better "tyger" myself than the ill-proportioned tomcat Blake squeezed into the bottom of the plate bearing his most famous poem.’
    • ‘Complaints have followed, some that the new building will overwhelm the Commons, others that the model he's produced is ungainly and ill-proportioned by itself.’
    • ‘This gloomy, ill-proportioned little cell, facing the din of Tottenham Court Road, was the very essence of the budget hotel chain.’
    • ‘The design firm recently transformed the house by simply removing its ill-proportioned shutters and building a small, covered front porch.’
    • ‘The painting depicts six posturing and ill-proportioned girls by a wooded stream and was shown in 1848.’
    • ‘Sharon's guidebook tells them that the tomb is a poor imitation of the Taj Mahal, ill-proportioned and awkward.’
    • ‘The classical prototype for Pisanello's famous drawing of dancing maenads is all but unrecognizable in the ill-proportioned and ungainly women he drew.’
    • ‘Some ill-proportioned pointed arches are to be found in John's reign, and even in the latter end of Henry the second.’
    baggy, badly cut, sacklike, tentlike, oversized, boyfriend, sagging, saggy, slouchy, ill-fitting, ill-proportioned, inelegant, unshapely, formless