Definition of ill usage in English:

ill usage


mass noun
  • Bad or cruel treatment.

    ‘he bore his ill usage with a tranquil dignity’
    • ‘Do you make this disturbance on account of the ill usage you received from Mr Kent?’
    • ‘He returned to England in January 1701 but on arrival in the Downs found that his crew had dispatched a round robin to the Admiralty alleging his ill usage of them.’
    • ‘He bore his ill usage with a tranquil dignity which endeared him to me more than ever, and made me proud and happy to suffer with him and for him.’
    • ‘My sister used me very ill since this transaction; her ill usage commenced about a fortnight after it happened; she then threatened to turn me out of doors, and wished that every bit I put in my mouth might choke me.’
    • ‘She found it very difficult to assert herself, and tended to confide ill usage to Pope rather than directly confronting those responsible.’
    • ‘It is a fact that few made such a practice as he of complaining so vociferously, or so unjustifiably, about their ill usage at the queen's hands.’
    abuse, mistreatment, maltreatment, bad treatment, ill use, ill usage, misuse, victimization