Definition of illegal alien in English:

illegal alien

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mainly US
  • A foreign national who is living without official authorization in a country of which they are not a citizen.

    ‘illegal aliens who come here for economic opportunity’
    • ‘The agency publishes a phone number for reporting suspected illegal aliens free of charge.’
    • ‘In Danbury, Conn., the Mayor has called for the state police to begin arresting illegal aliens.’
    • ‘In short, he lived the life of an illegal alien.’
    • ‘In the face of economic recession in the early 1990s, illegal aliens became political scapegoats for all of America's woes.’
    • ‘City officials emphasize getting illegal aliens into the taxpaying mainstream, not deporting them or denying them services.’
    • ‘The illegal alien population is expected to touch 6 million by the turn of this century.’
    • ‘The Aruban authorities are entitled to turn him over to the immigration authorities since he's an illegal alien.’
    • ‘To date, the defendant has not obtained resident status in the United States and she and the child have lived there as illegal aliens.’
    • ‘As an illegal alien, he worked gut-busting, low-paying jobs in restaurant kitchens and on landscaping crews.’
    • ‘The retail giant recently settled charges concerning contracting illegal alien workers.’