Definition of illustrated in English:


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  • (of a book, newspaper, etc.) containing pictures or other graphical material.

    ‘an illustrated collection of poems’
    • ‘Most applications will not require all of the acceleration measurements illustrated.’
    • ‘Kevin is unveiling his book of illustrated poems.’
    • ‘The window piers at Hampton Court are also too narrow to accommodate any of the illustrated tables except Figure 5.’
    • ‘Immerse yourself in design, images, artwork; look at illustrated books, visit visually stimulating places.’
    • ‘The third common finding was illustrated with various examples.’
    • ‘Thirty-nine of his 43 illustrated volumes were about birds.’
    • ‘The listing for 1695 illustrated above contains highly structured information.’
    • ‘In some kits, a well illustrated manual, showing each step in cartoon form, may quickly guide the operator through the procedure.’
    • ‘The fully illustrated, 144 page catalogue of the exhibition is the first scholarly publication on de Kooning's last decade of work.’
    • ‘A substantial, well illustrated booklet covering nationwide events is available at various outlets free of charge, including your local library.’
    • ‘Yes, as the cover cheekily proclaims, The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana is an illustrated novel.’
    • ‘It was accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.’
    • ‘In a follow-up article, the jujutsu and combat roots to this same technique will be illustrated.’
    • ‘He examines sculpture, early printed books and wall-paintings in a spectacularly illustrated volume.’
    • ‘In the Diamond Jubilee year of 2000, the association published an illustrated history as its 60 th anniversary project.’
    • ‘The first DVD also includes a five-minute illustrated synopsis of the plot and a cast gallery.’
    • ‘He also intends to give illustrated talks to local groups and produce some documentary displays for museums in Argentina.’
    • ‘When this lavishly illustrated volume was first published in 1971, it was highly praised.’
    • ‘The able and highly illustrated book must remain an enduring monument to his memory.’
    • ‘The black-caped lion of Cabin Boy to Barbary stands over the body of Delacroix, his kit and illustrated notebooks scattered in the rampage.’



/ˈiləˌstrādəd/ /ˈɪləˌstreɪdəd/