Definition of immittance in English:


Pronunciation /i(m)ˈmitns/ /ɪ(m)ˈmɪtns/


  • Admittance and impedance (as a combined concept).

    ‘The children were examined at two and four weeks and were evaluated using acoustic immittance and pneumatic otoscopy based on a previously designed algorithm.’
    • ‘For screening purposes, acoustic immittance is intended to monitor each student's middle ear status.’
    • ‘The performance of the proposed floating immittance is demonstrated on a fifth order elliptic filter.’
    • ‘Since both networks are simply just pairs of coupled D transmission lines, the derivation of the constraints on the junction immittances is familiar.’
    • ‘The Pattern option can be used only in conjunction with two-terminal immittances, i.e. impedance and admittance elements such as resistors, conductances, capacitors, and inductors.’


1950s blend of impedance and admittance.