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‘The cumulative gain on capital over that time, with quite a respectable long term growth rate, particularly accelerated over recent centuries, has made me altogether immoderately rich.’
  • ‘When she talked, she spoke in husky tones and larded her remarks with double-entendres, and when I talked, she hung on my words and laughed immoderately at the faintest suggestion of wit in my remarks.’
  • ‘It was a moderately brave act of which I remain immoderately proud, as a just and deeply felt tribute to a truly great player.’
  • ‘Though he admired drunks immoderately, he was seldom seen drunk in what was already a heavy - drinking milieu.’
  • ‘In the afternoons Dr. Livingstone tended his garden, of which he was immoderately proud.’



/i(m)ˈmäd(ə)rətlē/ /ɪ(m)ˈmɑd(ə)rətli/ /əˈmäd(ə)rətlē/ /əˈmɑd(ə)rətli/