Definition of immoral earnings in English:

immoral earnings

plural noun

  • Earnings from prostitution.

    ‘he was given a suspended sentence for living off immoral earnings’
    • ‘He had been arrested by police officers on offences of living on immoral earnings.’
    • ‘The three arrested were being questioned on suspicion of living off the immoral earnings of prostitution and controlling prostitution for gain.’
    • ‘The two men were arrested on suspicion of living off immoral earnings and having forged documents.’
    • ‘The focus of the operations was on the disruption of the trafficking of illegal immigrants and their exploitation by ruthless people who live off the immoral earnings of prostitutes.’
    • ‘The laws around it are really complicated (for example, a woman can't be prosecuted for living off immoral earnings - in the eyes of the law you don't get female pimps) but essentially, Helen wasn't doing anything illegal.’