Definition of immovability in English:



See immovable

‘For Nietzsche the immovability of architectural form is a metaphor of the rigid logic of metaphysics, in which will to power has become congealed and petrified.’
  • ‘Like the cathedral and the mountain, this form had survived the Deluge by its unfaltering immovability.’
  • ‘That is, assuming a moral position does not invite immovability or demand a fixed agenda on the part of the therapist.’
  • ‘Instead of buying expandability you're really buying immovability and who on earth wants that?’
  • ‘Some factors to consider are durability, immovability, and ease of location over time as markers become buried under grass and mulch.’



/i(m)ˌmo͞ovəˈbilədē/ /ɪ(m)ˌmuvəˈbɪlədi/