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  • 1Medicine
    Pressed firmly together.

    ‘The impacted, partially air-filled material was seen in the distal esophagus.’
    • ‘This maneuver adducts the fetal posterior shoulder in an attempt to rotate the shoulders out of the impacted position and into an oblique plane for delivery.’
    • ‘Common examples of these latter disorders include disturbance of liver cell function by acute hepatitis and obstruction of the bile ducts by impacted gallstones.’
    • ‘Cholangitis most commonly occurs because of an impacted gallstone.’
    • ‘If the object is not impacted or hygrostatic, warm water irrigation probably should be attempted first.’
    1. 1.1(of a tooth) wedged between another tooth and the jaw.
      ‘An impacted tooth is at higher risk of cavities because they are often difficult to clean properly.’
      • ‘In the past, removal of impacted wisdom teeth has been recommended even if the patient has not been experiencing problems.’
      • ‘People who have impacted wisdom teeth that are not causing problems do not need to have them removed.’
      • ‘The criteria also exposed children with certain types of impacted teeth to the possibility of receiving less than ideal treatment.’
      • ‘An impacted tooth must be removed as soon as the first symptoms are diagnosed rather than wait till it causes decay in the next tooth.’
      • ‘Some banks provide information about ‘dentition’ of donors, with reports of impacted teeth or the donor's need for braces as a child.’
      • ‘Wisdom teeth usually become impacted because the jaw isn't large enough to accommodate all the teeth that are growing in and the mouth becomes overcrowded.’
      • ‘Rose has been suffering with four impacted wisdom teeth, but ‘they're not as painful as the price’ of having them removed.’
      • ‘Neuralgic pain - caused by impacted wisdom teeth - has sapped my enthusiasm for just about everything except sleep and procrastination for the past few days.’
      • ‘Later, her mom told me that she had an impacted wisdom tooth which was just starting to act up, and which I had helped to make go away.’
      • ‘There are different types of impacted wisdom teeth, depending on the way the tooth has grown through.’
      • ‘Our jaws are a little small to accept wisdom teeth that are often impacted and may need pulling.’
      • ‘Wisdom teeth become a problem when they don't rise above the gum line, but remain impacted in the jaw, causing inflammation.’
    2. 1.2(of a fractured bone) having the parts crushed together.
      ‘Dr Johnson said this could be due to an impacted fracture, which did not always show up on x-rays, or a second fall.’
      • ‘On closer inspection a radiologist's report confirmed an impacted fracture, but the report never reached Dr Blakeley.’
      • ‘An impacted mutton bone was removed from the right pyriform fossa by hypopharyngoscopy under general anesthesia.’
      • ‘He could see that she had a fractured wrist, that it was impacted, and that the way she was waving it around suggested she didn't need treatment.’
    3. 1.3(of feces) lodged in the intestine.
      • ‘Stories about pounds of impacted fecal matter lodged in colon walls are myths.’
  • 2Strongly affected by something.

    ‘grandiose planning projects have had deleterious effects on impacted social groups’
    • ‘Most of these effects are likely to be sublethal, but the implications for the long-term survival of populations inhabiting impacted areas can be profound.’



/imˈpaktəd/ /ɪmˈpæktəd/