Definition of impartially in English:


Pronunciation /imˈpärSHəlē/ /ɪmˈpɑrʃəli/

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  • In a way that treats all rivals or disputants equally.

    ‘the adjudicator should act impartially in carrying out his duties’
    • ‘He has been unable to organise the department either impartially or fairly.’
    • ‘The news network said it was committed to presenting both sides of the story impartially.’
    • ‘The state acts impartially, responding to the demands of different popular pressures.’
    • ‘He shall act impartially in all respects.’
    • ‘His duty is to present the case on each side fairly and impartially to the jury.’
    • ‘You must impartially analyse the recurring issues and concerns involved.’
    • ‘It would be several decades before his reputation could be impartially evaluated.’
    • ‘I shall act impartially and in accordance with the correct procedure.’
    • ‘Solicitors should be particularly conscious of the need to advise impartially.’
    • ‘Local, national, and international media remains severely restricted in their ability to report impartially, or critically, on either the conflict or the election.’