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  • Enduring forever.

    ‘imperishable truths’
    • ‘But what is wonderful about him - what saves him, glorifies him and makes him special - is the imperishable cultural truth that you can take a Frenchman out of France but you cannot take France out of a Frenchman.’
    • ‘The old rugged cross is not venerable because it is old - that is, because of a traditional or historical meaning - but because the truth it embodies is imperishable.’
    • ‘So if unsatisfied desires are inherently painful, then happiness must be ‘a final satisfaction of the will, after which no fresh willing would occur,… an imperishable satisfaction of the will.’’
    • ‘They are infinite, I am thinking, all these hungry, grasping people chasing after the new and improved, the super and imperishable, and I stand alone against them - but that's the kind of thinking that led me astray all those years ago.’
    • ‘No one was more grief-stricken by Lincoln's assassination than Stanton, who spoke the imperishable words as the president breathed his last: ‘Now he belongs to the ages.’’
    • ‘To make beauty in some sense imperishable required a lot of conceptual tinkering and transposing, but the idea was simply too alluring, too potent, to be squandered on the praise of superior embodiments.’
    • ‘In the mid-eighteenth century a desire to praise famous men, especially writers and philosophers, in imperishable marble or bronze, manifested itself in all parts of Europe.’
    • ‘Yet the lure of this comic-romantic fairy tale of mismatched lovers who finally tumble into each other's uncertain arms, primarily depends upon the imperishable music and witty lyrics of Frank Loesser.’
    • ‘I can't forget it; I can't forget him; and perhaps my memory shall become my salvation, and thus my vulnerable body my imperishable soul.’
    • ‘A successful composition became a certain idealisation of the material world, and as such presented a harmonious relationship between the perishable and imperishable realms.’
    • ‘There was not even time for his book to be set before the reading public before the poet, poetry editor, and translator was asserting its imperishable grandeur.’
    • ‘The hand that wrote them is in the dust, but the sentiments they embody and the wish they breathe are imperishable and will be perpetuated in the enduring monument for which this solid resting-place is preparing.’
    • ‘I've thought of this exchange often as the days have become even darker, and I have come to understand what it means to be an optimist, and what an imperishable optimism looks like.’
    • ‘It would seem that of all my school pals I was the last to achieve that plateau of ageism which brings with it a sense of venerability which owes nothing to one's own flawed feelings of imperishable youth.’
    • ‘This imperishable writer's works resonated among the Chinese populace, living in an abyss of suffering at that time, winning him great popularity.’
    • ‘And that's because no national art form produces half a dozen full-length, imperishable works on a yearly basis.’
    • ‘A final spat occurs over an imperishable chorister habit when performing a choral work: the sneaky replacement of the actual words with something subversive.’
    • ‘These principles, taken together, form the true and imperishable basis of the promise of, and the friendship between, our two great nations.’
    • ‘Everything looked promising with his first US movie, the imperishable Cape Fear, with Gregory Peck and an animalistic Robert Mitchum.’
    • ‘Hardcore puzzlers plan their week around it, yet the show's central mystery - that of its imperishable appeal - remains unsolved.’
    enduring, everlasting, undying, deathless, immortal, timeless, ageless, perennial, lasting, long-lasting
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/imˈperəSHəb(ə)l/ /ɪmˈpɛrəʃəb(ə)l/