Definition of impertinence in English:



mass noun
  • Lack of respect; rudeness.

    ‘they gasped at the impertinence of the suggestion’
    • ‘And politicians have the impertinence, not to mention the brass neck, to continue to wonder why the public is disillusioned with them.’
    • ‘I have been in politics a while - not long enough, obviously - but I have been in politics a while and I have seen some examples of impertinence, cheek, and gall, but that last speech beats them all.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, unlike other years, several of the participants seem to have minds and personalities of their own, an impertinence that hasn't gone down well with the judging panel.’
    • ‘The impertinence of inviting us to such a mean banquet!’
    • ‘On one side the North Atlantic, the metallic colour of frozen-to-death, smashes and grabs at the impertinence of human habitation with corpse-white fists.’
    rudeness, insolence, impoliteness, unmannerliness, bad manners, lack of civility, discourtesy, discourteousness, disrespectfulness, incivility
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/ɪmˈpəːt(ə)nəns/ /ɪmˈpəːtɪnəns/