Definition of imposing in English:



  • Grand and impressive in appearance.

    ‘an imposing 17th-century manor house’
    • ‘From the street, the flats present an imposing, clean-cut modern appearance, with their front-to-back pitched roof, western red cedar cladding and prominent balconies.’
    • ‘A high domed roof and Ionic-Corinthian pillars give the General Post Office in Kolkata an imposing appearance.’
    • ‘The two towers on both sides create an imposing impression, beginning from a square base that gradually rounds off at the top.’
    • ‘There was a disarming contrast between his imposing appearance in three piece suit and starched collar and his complete lack of pomposity and his sense of humour.’
    • ‘The building has an impressive and imposing street presence, while also enclosing a peaceful courtyard within the campus.’
    • ‘The restored walls once again give it the imposing appearance of the five-sided fortress that it really is.’
    • ‘These materials gave the desired appearance of an imposing stone building.’
    • ‘Her theme and her use of small details to create an imposing composition are quite impressive.’
    • ‘Silently she resolved to make a better impression on the imposing woman the next time around.’
    • ‘The majestic and imposing voice carried with it the intelligent tone of the singer's knowledge of a wide gamut of information.’
    • ‘Klein manages to say things like this without sounding imposing or dramatic.’
    • ‘The cathedral appears imposing and unyielding at first.’
    • ‘The faceless, inanimate riot police are far more imposing and formidable than the passionate workers.’
    • ‘Edward was an extraordinarily tall, powerful and imposing figure robed in majesty.’
    • ‘The main building, constructed during the British regime, with its imposing clock tower provides an impressive backdrop.’
    • ‘Do look and admire the imposing buildings which give that distinct impression of an old-fashioned well-established seat of learning.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, this imposing property is a popular choice for wedding receptions and regularly used for corporate entertaining, conferences and seminars.’
    • ‘The second man was smaller in stature, but held a much more imposing presence.’
    • ‘The apartment house had been torn down and a large more imposing building had taken its place.’
    • ‘At a lean 12 st and 6ft 3in, he is an imposing presence.’
    impressive, striking, arresting, eye-catching, dramatic, spectacular, staggering, stunning, awesome, awe-inspiring, remarkable, formidable
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