Definition of impregnability in English:



See impregnable

  • ‘But then, in as stark a case of role reversal as you're ever likely to see, over the course of the next 80 minutes or so, Liverpool proceeded to divest the Milanese of their style, impregnability and, finally, their trophy.’
  • ‘Standing on high ground above the river Aude, it gives an impression of magnificent impregnability: 52 pointed towers and gate-houses linked by three kilometres of crenellated double ramparts.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, at 57, he has reached a level of wealth and celebrity that guarantees a certain impregnability and affords him the right to say whatever he pleases in the knowledge that the consequences will not affect his standing.’
  • ‘Of course, no government wants to undermine its own authority and appearance of impregnability by admitting that public objection to policy plays any part in its actions.’
  • ‘Like all dictators, he nurtured an illusion of impregnability.’