Definition of imprisoned in English:


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  • Kept in prison: captive.

    ‘an imprisoned dissident’
    • ‘They could talk about five minutes to some of the imprisoned.’
    • ‘The city's current mob boss keeps a much lower profile than his imprisoned predecessor.’
    • ‘Throughout the whole insurrection not asingle imprisoned Communist was shot.’
    • ‘The judge's calls for the judiciary to investigate allegations against the imprisoned officials fell on deaf ears.’
    • ‘Their demands: they want an imprisoned drug lord set free.’
    • ‘On the other hand, you can recruit new members or release some imprisoned people.’
    • ‘An imprisoned drug kingpin offers the huge cash reward of $100 million to anyone that can break him out of police custody.’
    • ‘It was only two years later that under public pressure, the regime was forced to try the imprisoned communists.’
    • ‘He bought them from a gallery on Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was for so long imprisoned.’
    • ‘With a rough voice, Cash sang about the poor and the imprisoned.’
    • ‘She holds the letter she wrote to him demanding hospital treatment for her imprisoned husband.’
    • ‘The stepfather of an imprisoned 17-year-old boy takes us up to his tiny apartment to meet his wife.’
    • ‘But even so, it has changed the lives of a growing number of imprisoned inmates.’
    • ‘Key leaders of the party that won the overwhelming majority of the vote remain imprisoned without charges.’
    • ‘Claire's parents reacted by becoming extremely overprotective, to the point that Claire felt imprisoned.’
    • ‘Joan Baez could be in the song, Earle said, for singing "Joe Hill" at Woodstock for her imprisoned husband, who was in jail to shut him up.’
    • ‘If any minister had reason to be pessimistic, it was the imprisoned Paul.’
    • ‘They took this to an imprisoned renegade (traitor) who was always kind to the Christians and whom they felt they could trust.’



/imˈprizənd/ /ɪmˈprɪzənd/