Definition of improvidence in English:



See improvident

  • ‘Poverty isn't something that all people bring upon themselves by their own improvidence.’
  • ‘Hearst's inclusiveness as a collector, coupled with his improvidence as a purchaser, contributed to an indebtedness of $100 million in 1937-a predicament so grave that he had to sell more than half his art collection.’
  • ‘Some commentators still blamed working men's improvidence for forcing their wives out to work, but social investigators increasingly documented the fact that most men simply could not earn a breadwinner wage.’
  • ‘His general improvidence and fecklessness kept his wife and family in perennially exigent financial circumstances, and his lawyers and accountants in a state bordering on despair.’
  • ‘This put the family friend in a position to control future distributions of income from the LLC, an important layer of protection against the improvidence of spendthrift heirs.’