Definition of in-app in English:



  • (especially of a purchase) made or available from within a particular app on a mobile device, without the need to visit a separate online site.

    ‘50 percent of profits from in-app purchases go directly to the non-profit organization’
    ‘in-app purchasing is optional within many of these games’
    ‘the new version adds in-app video playback’
    • ‘In essence, the publisher must pay a 30% service fee for in-app subscriptions.’
    • ‘The new mobile advertising platform is designed to allow app developers to create in-app advertising.’
    • ‘The new version of the computer remote control app added Twitter support along with in-app Web browsing.’
    • ‘It's free, but a pack containing 30 more levels can be purchased in-app for US $0.99.’
    • ‘The app offers the San Francisco Chronicle's news content, and also includes in-app monthly and annual subscription support.’
    • ‘Let's assume that, because of the convenience of doing so, most subscribers choose to renew their subscriptions in-app.’
    • ‘They plan to offer the company's titles for free and generate revenue with in-app sales.’
    • ‘Version 2 includes a redesigned front panel, an in-app user guide, and more.’
    • ‘An 8-year-old boy has managed to rack up a bill of around £1,000 through in-app purchases on the iPad.’
    • ‘Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels.’
    • ‘The deal applied to games priced at under $30 and does not cover in-app purchases.’
    • ‘Offering in-app sales for new levels, extra moves, or bonus material is an interesting tactic and is working to a degree.’