Definition of in-between in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinbəˈˌtwēn/ /ˌɪnbəˈˌtwin/

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  • Situated somewhere between two extremes or recognized categories; intermediate.

    ‘I am not unconscious, but in some in-between state’
    • ‘I have an odd in-between situation where I work as an AmeriCorps volunteer.’
    • ‘The stories that emerge are the different trains of thought your mind goes through as you're in that slightly in-between state of being awake and trying to get to sleep.’
    • ‘In a quantum system, two opposite magnetic spins can be superposed upon each other, resulting in a third, in-between state.’
    • ‘It is this in-between place of carelessness and thoughtlessness that disturbs.’
    • ‘During all this while, he continued to hunt and trap in-between jobs.’
    • ‘It's this in-between state of being neither child nor adolescent, or trying to be both at the same time.’
    • ‘I think most of my problem is that I want to skip these in-between chapters and get to the stuff that I'm most looking forward to writing!’
    • ‘You could see what he meant: Flintoff's chin and cheeks were stuck in that in-between stage that might be a look, but could equally well be neglect.’
    • ‘If I refuse to choose sides, am I just marking time in some make-believe in-between space?’
    • ‘This paper argues for the prevalence of in-between states of believing and asserts the need for an account of belief that allows us intelligibly to talk about in-between believing.’
    average, standard, normal, middle-of-the-road, in-between, medium


  • An intermediate thing.

    ‘successes, failures, and in-betweens’
    • ‘But it has been a campaign of highs, lows and in-betweens - often in the course of games, never mind across them - and opening up a ten-point gap in the SPL and reaching the CIS Cup final means there has been plenty to be pleased about.’
    • ‘Bad runs have been really bad runs and good ones have been really good - no in-betweens.’
    • ‘It's a tough fusion of comedy's casual vibe and the more traditional elements of theatre - but Muse says that, like Bitty, she's at her best in those awkward in-betweens.’
    • ‘Then came the in-betweens, made up of drivers over 25, whose hotly-contested race at times looked more like a demolition derby.’
    • ‘From here, players can use the analog stick to aim the weapon low, middle, or high - but again, no in-betweens, which is disappointing.’
    • ‘Unbending he deflects rage, loves her extremes, highs, lows, and in-betweens.’
    • ‘It works because it allows for all the ups, downs, and in-betweens that you're going to have in a season.’
    • ‘I love his wrongs, his rights, and his in-betweens.’
    • ‘Iwan referred to the deity as beyond male or female, but understood the drives of both, as well as any conceivable in-betweens or genderless beings.’
    • ‘The point was not to erect binaries or hierarchies but to appreciate difference, to focus on multiplicities and in-betweens.’
    • ‘He ranged from sharp and witty to serious and in control, plus all the in-betweens.’
    • ‘The more Zeigler immersed himself in the sources, the more he came to realise that everything was true - the extremes and all the in-betweens.’
    • ‘Life is not about endings, but middles, the in-between.’
    • ‘Neither a hotel nor private villa, it's a glorious in-between.’
    • ‘It is the in-between which legitimates the one and the other, both of which are irreversibly atheological.’
    • ‘I like an in-between that is flavorful, but not quite as dark as Guinness.’
    • ‘You are for a yes vote or you are for a no, and there cannot be a grey area nor an in-between.’
    • ‘Effectively, what both novels are really about is the cultural threat of miscegenation as the in-between.’
    • ‘Lots of things can happen in the in-between that may be surprising.’
    • ‘With muscles, the real stress of a lift is the in-between, basically about halfway up during a biceps movement.’