Definition of in-crowd in English:



  • the in-crowdA small group of people perceived by others to be particularly fashionable, informed, or popular.

    • ‘a new district that has been attracting the in-crowd’
    • ‘Newly opened, the restaurant is already proving to be popular with the in-crowd who recognize good quality food.’
    • ‘Nearly a third admitted to having joined a gym to get in with the in-crowd and 31 per cent said they have paid extra for clothes to make sure they had the right label.’
    • ‘Braidie is left with the question of what to do as a by-stander, as a member of the in-crowd, when she has to come to terms with the dark realities of what her friends are doing and the dreadful results their actions could yield.’
    • ‘Let's start with blazers (don't call them suit jackets, or the in-crowd will think you quite déclassé).’
    • ‘He is appalled to find that the Groton boys stick together, women still love athletes and the in-crowd is still off-limits.’
    • ‘Almost daily, tabloids have runs shots of the in-crowd sporting Pringle clothes emblazoned with the tell-tale trademark of the Lion Rampant.’
    • ‘But the restaurants didn't move with the times and fell out of favour, forcing the in-crowd across town to move to New Farm.’
    • ‘If you're not in the in-crowd, the movie says, lifelong misery can only follow.’
    • ‘I came close once, on a school field trip, when I so wanted to be in with the in-crowd that I briefly toyed with the idea.’
    • ‘Alternatively, you can eat at super-trendy Spoon Byblos, a major magnet for the in-crowd.’
    • ‘Outcasts at school may find themselves part of the in-crowd at a church group or summer camp.’
    • ‘And I thought only the in-crowd could get him to talk.’
    • ‘These days, a regular personal web-page is so passé and if you want to rejoin the in-crowd, you've got to become a ‘blogger’’
    • ‘Luigi's is a noisy brightly-lit large and crowded black-mirrored restaurant that as far as Ipswich is concerned, was clearly the in-place for the in-crowd.’
    • ‘The ‘in’ crowd considered me a loser because I didn't care what kind of friends I had - the in-crowd did.’
    • ‘With the exception of their three classes, he barely got to talk to her at all as she refused to hang out with the in-crowd and likewise with his new friends.’
    • ‘He looked her over again quickly, knowing from her bearing and solitude that she wasn't a member of the in-crowd.’
    • ‘One girl whose dress was slashed at the sides to expose a tattoo on her hipbone stopped the in-crowd in its tracks, Wells said.’
    • ‘It was cheek-to-jowl in-crowd, all clutching glasses of wine, seeing and being seen - well, as best they could in the cram.’
    • ‘No, it's not just science fiction, claim leading members of the cyber-cognoscenti, the cyber science in-crowd.’
    clique, set, circle, inner circle, crowd, in-crowd, gang, band, pack, crew, clan, club, fellowship, brotherhood, fraternity, sorority, sect, camp, community, league, alliance, faction, cabal, junta, caucus, syndicate, nucleus, cell



/ˈinˌkroud/ /ˈɪnˌkraʊd/