Definition of in-house in English:


Pronunciation /ˈin ˈhous/ /ˈɪn ˈhaʊs/

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  • Done or existing within an organization.

    ‘in-house publications’
    • ‘The roster will run alongside the existing in-house design department, BBC Design and Publications.’
    • ‘An existing in-house induction programme was adapted for the company's overseas staff.’
    • ‘There's the increase in in-house publication, made possible by the same lowered barriers.’
    • ‘It wouldn't fit any of the in-house airline publications either, would it now?’
    • ‘The National Youth Theatre will make The Lowry its regional base, and an in-house youth dance company is planned for the future.’
    • ‘Quota obligations may exist, seems to be the line, but the strength and resources of in-house production teams is his main concern.’
    • ‘The in-house blogger has become part of the campaign staff.’
    • ‘Their in-house photographer must have taken a snap of me as I helped myself to another one judging by this picture that appears on their web site.’
    • ‘Students performing in-house work placement activities are actually developers in residence.’
    • ‘The training also included in-house training at the hospital.’
    • ‘As a result of the survey a helpline was set up and manned by a group of women volunteers who had undergone a specialist in-house training programme.’
    • ‘Once he becomes an in-house lawyer, he loses his independence.’
    • ‘In the end the producers decided to go with Plymouth's in-house department instead.’
    • ‘An exhibition of work from the in-house artists continues for February.’
    • ‘Each employee receives ten days of training a year, as well as an in-house training and development programme called Jigsaw.’
    • ‘That's why no major newspaper will ever be successful at running in-house blogs: the editors won't allow it.’
    • ‘His current crusade is against big investment banks that use in-house brokers to promote their clients' shares.’
    • ‘He joined the firm in early 2002 to manage discretionary segregated portfolios and in-house funds.’
    • ‘Here are some tips that can enable your in-house teams to achieve better performance.’
    • ‘Yet there are at least a dozen reasons why organizations still prefer in-house application development and deployment.’
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  • Without assistance from outside an organization; internally.

    ‘services previously provided in-house are being contracted out’
    • ‘The city decided it could provide more services for less money in-house.’
    • ‘As the scale of the business increases, it may be easier to justify the set-up costs associated with making bagels in-house.’
    • ‘Star then decided to run Star News in-house while NDTV announced its plans to run channels of its own.’
    • ‘These people had to be brought in and if they were developed in-house it was very costly.’
    • ‘The company has made no secret of its plans to invent new coffee, tea, milk and energy products in-house.’
    • ‘Microsoft Publisher allows you to create sales and marketing materials in-house.’
    • ‘Either put nothing at all on or better yet, produce some new material in-house.’
    • ‘This simplifies the job for device manufacturers that want to coat products in-house.’
    • ‘Second is the amazing sound track being developed in-house for us.’
    • ‘We are actually able to keep our costs down through our volunteers and doing things in-house.’
    • ‘Another main reason for doing virtually all maintenance and repair in-house is cost.’
    • ‘All system components together with the control and calibration software have been developed in-house by Zytek.’
    • ‘Flavour and fragrance companies commonly develop and adapt analytical instruments in-house.’
    • ‘HP declined to say if it would develop a new device in-house or if it would link up with another device maker.’
    • ‘Complex instruments of payload are being made in-house by small teams in national labs, not outsourced.’
    • ‘They feel it should be done in-house and feel their expertise within the city can provide a better service than an outside contractor.’
    • ‘Spice blends are made in-house, designed specifically for each dish.’
    • ‘The company currently subcontracts double-glazing work but plans to invest in machinery so the work can be done in-house.’
    • ‘How much would it have cost if the work had been done in-house?’