Definition of in-line in English:



  • 1Having parts arranged in a line.

    ‘a 24-valve in-line 6-cylinder engine’
    • ‘Both are in-line 6 cylinder engines, of 2.5 and 3.0 litre capacity respectively.’
    • ‘The new in-line 6-cylinder engine gets 225 horsepower, which is plenty of punch for the roadster's lean 3,000-pound weight.’
    • ‘The optional engine is basically the in-line four with an extra cylinder and a linear increase in power (approximately 44 hp. and 46 ft.-lb. of torque per cylinder).’
    • ‘The S2000 is built along classic lines, with a front-mounted in-line engine driving the rear wheels.’
    • ‘The S40 features a transverse 5-cylinder in-line engine made possible by shrinking the engine's outer dimensions.’
    • ‘The V50 has transverse in-line engines in both 5-cylinder and four-cylinder guise.’
    • ‘The ‘Maroon Beauty’ has a four-cylinder in-line engine, running at an average of 35 kmph and consuming one litre of petrol for every four kilometres.’
    • ‘The six-cylinder in-line engine has been a BMW speciality since way back when, so it should come as no surprise that the six-cylinder remains at the heart of the power chain.’
    • ‘The Gannet has double in-line Mamba turbojet engines driving two sets of contra-rotating propellers though a single driveshaft.’
    • ‘That would have to be the 1940 in-line 4 cylinder model.’
    • ‘The aim of the Ricardo team would be to achieve a completed definitive design for the 6-cylinder in-line version.’
    • ‘As Volvo S60 and S80 models already use five-cylinder in-line engines for the petrol models in the vast majority of cases, it is no surprise to discover that they picked on this design for their new diesel unit.’
    • ‘In 1938, he announced plans for its production, using two 260-hp in-line air-cooled engines placed horizontally in the nose.’
    • ‘The engines range from the in-line 6's to the 4.5 litre V8 as well as a turbo-diesel version.’
    • ‘With a four stroke in-line four type engine this thing can run.’
    • ‘It was also the only American high-horsepower in-line engine in series production.’
    • ‘This applies both to four-cylinder in-line engines and those built in V configuration.’
    • ‘This has been my complaint with the in-line 6-cylinder diesel is it's always had a narrower RPM band than the V - 8 diesels.’
    • ‘Power comes from Volvo's well proven five-cylinder in-line engine, which now gives 300 bhp and 400 Nm torque in this new 2.5 litre form.’
    • ‘The Army took the opposite view and felt that pursuits could only attain high speeds via the use liquid-cooled in-line engines which offered better streamlining possibilities.’
  • 2Constituting an integral part of a continuous sequence of operations or machines.

    ‘a two-stream in-line fuel-oil blender’
    • ‘It is part of Metrologic Group, which deals in equipment, training and maintenance of coordinate measuring machines and in-line control systems.’
    • ‘It will supply in-line vehicle sequenced modules on a just-in-time basis.’
    • ‘The in-line hand operated valve controls the flow of at least the irrigation fluid or suction to a surgical site.’
    • ‘We do not know if this practice contributed to growth of pathogens in the in-line suction catheter, because continuous suction is not applied when the equipment is used in this way.’
    • ‘The slick bolt operation, short bolt lift and bolt throw and smooth in-line feeding made for fast follow-up shots.’
    • ‘In Tampa, an outbound in-line baggage screening system at Terminal E is operating, with another $130 million of work under way to fit the other terminals with the system.’
    • ‘I used to wonder if we haven't lost our way when black powder rifles sport Leupold scopes, synthetic stocks, in-line ignition and fire the latest premium bullets using plastic sabots.’
    • ‘During the tube extrusion process, air at atmospheric pressure enters the tube through the core tube on a crosshead die, or the spider leg of an in-line die.’
    • ‘Back pressure caused by in-line valves, mixers, or hose restrictions can influence pump accuracy unless continuous-loop recirculation with pressure-balancing adjustments is provided.’
    • ‘A wood/cork bung was placed in the cup and the device was inserted into the spigot bodythrough the in-line valve to the previously cut hole.’
    • ‘It does this by moving the material through the stacker frame to an in-line tension stand and double-ended rewind reel.’
    • ‘You will never be able to stop on a dime with the current in-line heel brake technology.’
    • ‘Designed for both in-line and manifold mounting, the valve is supplied with an optional sandwich speed control that mounts between the valve and the manifold.’
    • ‘He prefers in-line emitter tubing with 1/2-gallon per hour emitters preinserted inside the tubing every 12 inches.’
    • ‘However, self-reported data from nurses and respiratory therapists indicate that only 42% of staff always rinse the in-line suction catheter after use.’
    • ‘Each bud can be customized to your ear size; the memory cable can be shaped to fit snugly around your ears; the in-line attenuator allows you to control volume; and the buds seal off external noise.’
    • ‘Mercury is thermally desorbed from solid samples, trapped on an in-line gold trap, and subsequently determined by cold-vapour atomic absorption spectrometry.’
    • ‘When this finding was noted, the in-line suction catheter was not connected to any suction, and the distal end was open, disrupting the ‘closed’ system.’
    • ‘Pantoprazole injection should be administered through a dedicated line; the provided in-line filter must be used to remove the precipitates that may form.’
    • ‘It is a reel-to-reel system that offers integrated drying as well as in-line inspection of line presence, quality, line-to-line distance, and positioning on the membrane.’
    1. 2.1Constituting an integral part of a computer program.
      ‘the parameters can be set up as in-line code’
      • ‘In this article, I first give an example of how to convert a simple LaTeX document to HTML and discuss how the program handles in-line graphics and style files.’
      • ‘Linux, on the other hand, has in-line code sections for UP and SMP systems, adapting to the machine it is running on.’
      • ‘On the driver level, you definitely want to convert any informal in-line RTOS code to proper drivers.’
      • ‘If you read your e-mail remotely using SSH and a text-based client, it then is possible to bring up in-line images over the same xterm window.’
      • ‘Any of these can cause trouble with in-line HTML.’



/ˈinˌlīn/ /ˈɪnˌlaɪn/