Definition of in-off in English:



Billiards Snooker
  • The pocketing of the cue ball (a scoring stroke in billiards, a foul in snooker) by bouncing it off another ball.

    ‘he attempted a very difficult in-off’
    as adverb ‘going in-off on the penultimate red’
    • ‘It was played like English Billiards by aiming to pocket balls, go in-off or by making canons which were called ‘caroms’.’
    • ‘He should have finished the match but missed an in-off when the balls double kissed.’
    • ‘It looked like it was all over for Andy when he fouled with an in-off granting Chang the two shots he needed to secure the game.’
    • ‘Then, at the crucial moment, Nick potted his last ball and went in-off.’
    • ‘O'Brien failed to escape three times and unluckily went in-off when he did make contact.’