Definition of in-phase in English:



  • Relating to electrical signals that are in phase.

    ‘The resulting signal is filtered and decimated and normalized to generate the arctangent of the in-phase and quadrature components of the baseband signal.’
    • ‘The dual-channel output of the lock-in amplifier characterizes the PA signal as a two-dimensional mathematical vector with amplitude and phase or alternatively in-phase and quadrature vectorial components.’
    • ‘So, like, it was all just because of the mismatch between the in-phase and quadrature reality generators, you just had to add a closed-loop control to adjust them.’
    • ‘The ‘small loop’ term is usually reserved for closed-loop antennas in which the current around the loop is more-or-less in-phase, so the loop antenna can be treated as a magnetic dipole.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the finding that the access channel movements are correlated strongly indicates that these residues cooperatively fluctuate, with an in-phase opening, facilitating the access of a substrate to the enzyme active site.’



/ˈinfāz/ /ˈɪnfeɪz/