Definición de in-store en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈˌin ˈstô(ə)r/ /ˈˌɪn ˈstɔ(ə)r/

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  • Situated within a store.

    ‘an in-store bakery’
    • ‘Asda now has around 100 stores across Britain with in-store chaplains.’
    • ‘Among the innovations being pushed through by Ladbrokes are in-store coffee shops, French pools and betting during games.’
    • ‘You may also notice that in-store bakeries with their aroma of freshly baked breads are sited near less interesting packaged dry goods.’
    • ‘The in-store bakery smells enticing, and the deli is spectacular.’
    • ‘Currently, the pave is going out in the standard in-store bakery bag, so you have to hunt a bit to identify it.’
    • ‘Less, because consumers are now more willing and able to shop online, which may result in fewer in-store visits.’
    • ‘Table I presents attitudes toward in-store nutrition information at each grocery store.’
    • ‘Spar convenience stores have also had a mixed experience of in-store TV advertising.’
    • ‘Bailey could not rely on in-store sales to keep his business going.’
    • ‘It was at an in-store signing that I decided that I would introduce myself to him as his Mexican impersonator.’
    • ‘The promo is supported by TV commercials and in-store advertising.’
    • ‘The recent appointment of in-store merchandisers and account managers is an example of this initiative.’
    • ‘They are the only ones in attendance at a Chicago in-store appearance.’
    • ‘And who do you think writes the in-store magazines, the supermarket magazines and those you see on trains, free to the traveller?’
    • ‘SuperValu launched its first in-store publication before Christmas.’
    • ‘There will also be lots of in-store activities on Saturday, November 23.’
    • ‘Many retailers display in-store information to explain what it means, and the NFU has worked hard to promote the logo across the country.’
    • ‘To determine your potential in-store customers at a particular location research the traffic count.’
    • ‘If you build your own PC you do not get an in-store warranty on the parts.’
    • ‘However, most of these in-store print-on-demand offerings have never gotten very far.’


  • Within a store.

    • ‘the goods are promoted in-store’


  • A promotional appearance by a musical performer or group within a store.

    ‘after the show I drove Danny up to LA for an in-store at Fat Beats’
    • ‘Tony Bennett did an in-store at the outlet to promote his album.’
    • ‘The Cave Singers play an in-store at 7 p.m. tonight.’
    • ‘The band just added an in-store in NYC.’
    • ‘He performed an in-store at Streetlight Records Saturday April 12th.’
    • ‘She will play an in-store at the brand new location this Sunday!’