Definition of in (good) conscience in English:

in (good) conscience


  • By any reasonable standard; by all that is fair.

    ‘they have in conscience done all they could’
    • ‘But I don't understand a man who has been supportive of the administration's policies, and who has reached a decision in conscience, should be treated like this by anyone in this country.’
    • ‘‘I marvel sometimes at the steadfastness of the whole Catholic body, at the discipline and obedience and love it has shown under a very demanding pope, the maturity of the decisions it makes in conscience,’ he wrote.’
    • ‘Those who in conscience cannot obey United Methodist Church law, law that has been confirmed once again to represent the mind of the church, should practice ecclesial disobedience, not civil disobedience.’
    • ‘They may in conscience assume that decision-makers have weighed the moral and personal costs of using them in conflict against the weight of the national interests involved and deemed it an acceptable equation.’
    • ‘And I cannot, in conscience, cooperate in the permanent corruption of our moral life - particularly at the hands of a professed Catholic.’
    • ‘Absent such proof, I could not in conscience advise a young Catholic woman to rely on the method - not if she wished to plan her family in concert with paid employment.’
    • ‘If a journalist finds that he cannot in conscience breach a confidential source, he should be prepared to spend some time in jail for that act of civil disobedience.’
    • ‘I could not in good conscience participate in this behavior nor could I in good conscience willingly support those who participate in this behavior.’
    • ‘I could not in good conscience allow this money to be used for the murder of innocent people.’
    • ‘But I could not, in good conscience, have enjoyed that event then, if I did not do something, first.’