Definition of in (good) shape in English:

in (good) shape


  • In good physical condition.

    • ‘So I figured that getting in shape and being physically fit would really help me.’
    • ‘It is no surprise that stars in Hollywood are known for going to extremes to keep their bodies in shape.’
    • ‘See what it would take to get one of America's best-known businesses back in shape.’
    • ‘He would've been somewhat in shape had it not been for the magnificent paunch adorning his waist.’
    • ‘I'm the team's only female sprinter, so it's my job to do my best and keep in shape.’
    • ‘I expected that, with you in shape and all, it would only take you about twenty minutes to get here.’
    • ‘Even if you need to step up your routine, staying in shape is a goal within almost everyone's reach.’
    • ‘You're in this together - staying in shape is a snap when the whole family gets moving.’
    • ‘So occasionally, despite the fact that my work is largely done, I do feel the need to return and keep my senses in shape.’
    • ‘If we are to have more years ahead of us, let's get in shape.’