Definition of in (or out of) perspective in English:

in (or out of) perspective


  • 1Showing the right (or wrong) relationship between visible objects.

    ‘Two sides of the shrine are visible, rendered in perspective as if the building were set in the distance.’
    1. 1.1Correctly (or incorrectly) regarded in terms of relative importance.
      ‘these expenses may seem high, but they need to be put into perspective’
      • ‘You have to be careful and keep this in perspective, especially in terms of apportioning blame.’
      • ‘While this was a horrendous event, it is important to keep it in perspective.’
      • ‘Taken together, this is a fairly revolutionary and intrusive programme, but it is important to view it in perspective.’
      • ‘It's unfortunate that this is happening, but it's important also to keep this in perspective.’
      • ‘Once you get past the colorful language, it's important to put the information in perspective.’
      • ‘Illness puts things in perspective and teaches you what's important.’
      • ‘It's important to keep these divisions and manoeuvres in perspective.’
      • ‘In our quest for ultimate health it can be tough to keep our relationship with food in perspective.’
      • ‘This will help to keep your job, relationships, and overall goals in perspective.’
      • ‘It puts in perspective some of the temporary blips in that relationship.’