Definition of in (or with) calf in English:

in (or with) calf


  • (of a cow) pregnant.

    ‘most of the heifers are in calf’
    • ‘Roland has a wonderful selection of cows and calves and cows in calf and there are enquiries from far and wide.’
    • ‘The Wold Newton herd is flushed with ‘Royal success’, having just won the Senior Bull Championship with Wold Newton Rambo, which is Lot 96 in the sale, and 15 heifers are in calf to him.’
    • ‘We didn't have any problems getting the heifers in calf, but neither were there any with the Holsteins.’
    • ‘The overall beef champion and also Champion of Champions at Saturday's East Mainland Show was a two-year-old heifer in calf, owned by John W. Hepburn of Burnside, Tankerness.’
    • ‘In the beef lines Limousins were headed by the in calf heifer Brontemoor Spice Girl, owned by Steve Priestley, owner of a 100-cow breeding herd at Denholme, near Bradford.’
    • ‘The female section includes 14 in calf heifers.’
    • ‘The champion in the cattle section at Tuesday's Shapinsay show was a black heifer in calf named Tilly, owned by R. J. Johnston of Hewan, Shapinsay.’
    • ‘Dry cows and in calf heifers can easily be managed inside as maintenance requirements are relatively low and can easily be met.’
    • ‘About 15 top cows will be for sale plus in calf heifers and maiden heifers.’
    • ‘You are asking the heifers to grow, go in calf, calf down, produce milk, go back in calf, compete in a competitive grazing environment and continue to do so for a number of lactations.’
    • ‘As these heifers do not have to be in calf, there is bound to be a drop in the number of quality beef suckler calves produced and a reduction in the supply of our best beef.’
    • ‘Very often those calved heifers fail to go back in calf easily and become late calvers the following season.’
    • ‘Farmers end up wintering cattle that are not in calf and it's less efficient.’
    • ‘But if an animal was sick, in calf, had a sore foot, a sore udder or any other ailment, a term of endearment we called them all ‘Molly’.’
    • ‘The most visible costs are the A.I. costs, but it can also lead to increased veterinary costs and you have no guarantee that the cow will go in calf to the first straw in the spring.’
    • ‘Even though labour demanding, it must be done if you are not to ‘lose’ a lot of money by missed heats and a high percentage of cows not in calf.’
    • ‘Their incorporation into these pedigree herds as suckler dams or resale as in calf cows offers a very lucrative second-hand value.’
    • ‘So it is natural that cows will be difficult to get in calf if they are losing body condition before insemination and now the scientists have proof that this is so.’
    • ‘He favours New Zealand Friesians because, in his opinion, the breed is robust, holds its condition and, above all, gets back in calf easily.’
    • ‘Mr Robinson, 36, has a second holding in Kendal and made a licensed movement on welfare grounds of cows in calf from Langcliffe nine days ago.’