Definition of in (the) aggregate in English:

in (the) aggregate


  • In total; as a whole.

    ‘10,000 tonnes in aggregate’
    • ‘The rich are probably getting richer but the poor are also doing a little better, on the whole and in the aggregate.’
    • ‘You've got winners and losers - but in aggregate it's a total myth to say the industry is fabulously profitable.’
    • ‘But, if a company is a legal person, and the knowledge of its officials is its knowledge, can that knowledge be aggregated and, in the aggregate, constitute the mens rea for a crime?’
    • ‘The reason that aggregate profit does not decline is that, in the aggregate, total sales revenues and total productive expenditures, or costs, remain the same.’
    • ‘Human capital consists of the skills possessed by individuals and, in the aggregate, by the labor force as a whole.’
    • ‘The welfare losses by this small group of consumers can be large enough that, in aggregate, there is a total welfare loss to consumers.’
    • ‘Is that on the theory that subdivided land in aggregate is worth more than the whole lot?’
    • ‘Whatever better rate of return can be had from investing Social Security funds in private securities can be had by investing them in the aggregate rather than in millions of private accounts.’
    • ‘In aggregate, Irish banks have delivered average compound earnings growth of 12% over the past five years.’
    • ‘In aggregate, the collection attests to the founders' faith in multiple forms of evidence as the reservoir from which keener perspectives about the past would be drawn.’