Definition of in a box in English:

in a box


  • Restricted or limited.

    ‘he will find himself in a box on US policy’
    • ‘You know, I love the variety in the morning and the fact that we don't have to be in a box.’
    • ‘why watch people living in a box when you can watch people living everyday?’
    • ‘Anyway, the challenge of being whoever it is I am is that I don't fit in a box.’
    • ‘Put the race in a box, tie it up real tight and store it away in the back of your mind.’
    • ‘So, White Tor horses live in a herd, as they would in the wild, not in a box.’
    • ‘I mean, you make a very relevant point, it is not out there in a box, separate from everything else you do.’
    • ‘You can't wrap love in a box or in a bunch of flowers that die after a couple weeks.’