Definition of in a small way in English:

in a small way


  • On a small scale.

    ‘in a small way his life has been improved’
    • ‘It all began in a small way when in 1939 the imminence of war led the Government to build up reserves of building materials in various parts of the country, for use following air raids.’
    • ‘Sweet, and in a small way, almost life-affirming.’
    • ‘But what if, in a small way, shopping does offer salvation?’
    • ‘I'm also pledging £10 myself to make up in a small way for my abysmal failure to attract sponsorship.’
    • ‘I am myself an employer, in a small way, and I see hundreds of CVs a year; and all of them now have so many As that the page reads like the wail of a man falling off a building.’
    • ‘I am doing my bit for the environment, albeit in a small way.’
    • ‘Even I, as a foreigner, benefitted in a small way from his goodness.’
    • ‘More than anything I want to make a difference, even in a small way.’
    • ‘The thefts started in the 1970s in a small way when Western tourists were first allowed to enter the country.’
    • ‘But they say their tests prove that phones do, in a small way, affect the brain.’