Definition of in an ideal (or a perfect) world in English:

in an ideal (or a perfect) world


  • Used to express that something is highly desirable but not likely to become a reality.

    ‘in an ideal world, everyone would pay off their monthly credit card bills on time’
    • ‘In an ideal world, all dance teachers would advocate healthy work habits.’
    • ‘In an ideal world, most new parents would rather stay at home, for the baby's first year at least, but financial considerations force them back to work.’
    • ‘In an ideal world, we would not need any additional aids to facilitate the training of our horses other than good tack and a good surface.’
    • ‘In a perfect world, all you would have to do is create a document, decide which printer you want to use, and print.’
    • ‘In a perfect world, I would like my kids to know the support and love of their mother, me, and my partner.’