Definition of in anticipation in English:

in anticipation


  • With the probability or expectation of something happening.

    ‘they manned the telephones in anticipation of a flood of calls’
    • ‘Don't ignore that which is happening now in anticipation of that which is yet to happen.’
    • ‘This as twenty fish were laid out in perfect order in anticipation of the big fish fry.’
    • ‘I only nodded in a response and waited in anticipation of what Scott had to say to me.’
    • ‘They will spend most of the day purifying the home in anticipation of the coming baby.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, news of a new record left fans chewing their fingernails raw in anticipation.’
    • ‘In my youth, when I climbed the Reek, it was in anticipation of pleasure, not as a penance.’
    • ‘Inside the atmosphere was just as restless as people surged forward towards the stage in anticipation of the event.’
    • ‘They still look good value in anticipation of good growth next year.’
    • ‘This is worrying investors, and has led to depressed prices in recent months in anticipation of the downgrade.’
    • ‘Well, its now over two weeks later and I'm still tapping my foot in anticipation of this new and improved version.’
    • ‘We both ran into the bathroom where we had had the faucets turned on for the last eight days in anticipation of water.’
    • ‘By mid-day the crowds lined the riverbank in anticipation of the local raft race finals.’
    • ‘There was an enormous sense of belonging and joy in anticipation of the arrival of the Holy Father.’
    • ‘It is understood security has been tightened in parts of the airport in anticipation of a second protest in the New Year.’
    • ‘She had to force herself to lay still and she shook in anticipation.’
    • ‘He used a finger to trace the outline of her lips and she closed her eyes in anticipation.’
    • ‘His explanation, that the movement had been in anticipation of another foul, was unconvincing.’
    • ‘Your hands tremble in anticipation as you plug the one end into the PC and the other into the unit.’
    • ‘We heard that they were beefing up security in anticipation of serious protests.’
    • ‘A safety message has been issued in anticipation of further high spring tides throughout the summer.’