Definition of in any case in English:

in any case

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  • 1Whatever happens or may have happened.

    ‘perhaps you'll let me know tomorrow—in any case I'll talk to you then’
    • ‘If it's a decision you'd make under those circumstances, it's one you should make in any case.’
    • ‘Most high-level leaders would have come to the site on that day in any case.’
    • ‘So, one way or another, we'd be fixing to move about now in any case.’
    • ‘What he has done in the past would have happened in any case.’
    • ‘People said that, in any case, stores would be stocked with food and filling stations with fuel.’
    • ‘It will be turned into an outright ban in any case.’
    • ‘Of course, I understand that he was about to give up being shadow minister of the arts in any case.’
    • ‘He's not looking for a page in the history book; he's got that in any case.’
    • ‘It said figures tended to drop off in any case at this time of year.’
    • ‘More and more people are finding out that their CDs simply lie around in boxes and are very rarely played in any case.’
    1. 1.1Used to confirm or support a point or idea just mentioned.
      ‘he wasn't allowed out yet, and in any case he wasn't well enough’
      • ‘I cannot afford to have it towed, and in any case, I do not yet know where to have it towed to.’
      • ‘He was temperamentally unsuited, in any case, to repertory theatre.’
      • ‘I am warned that she is tired; hip operations have, in any case, made her sedentary.’
      • ‘There is, in any case, enough mystery about what has actually happened.’
      • ‘I have not heard the Liberal Democrats propose that, and in any case, the Government would not allow it.’
      • ‘He has, in any case, declared an interest in captaining Europe when the match is held in Ireland four years hence.’
      • ‘But the illustration in the book is even smaller and, in any case, not every detail is explained.’
      • ‘It seems obvious, in any case, that transport within Scotland is as big a problem as transport to Scotland.’
      • ‘There is, in any case, something beautiful and appealing about her research.’
      • ‘He is in contact with very few of them and, in any case, doesn't use email.’