Definition of in any event in English:

in any event

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(also at all events)
  • Whatever happens or may have happened.

    ‘in any event, there was one promise the trickster did keep’
    • ‘The system of appointments is, in any event, in need of fundamental reform.’
    • ‘But in any event, it still might be helpful to have access to independent advice.’
    • ‘It was, in any event, a cross party issue and one that united rural people all over the country.’
    • ‘And in any event, there is no such thing as a defender who does not suffer the occasional lapse.’
    • ‘He noted none of the cattle he is shipping would have been sent to the United States in any event.’
    • ‘The next time cattle graze a damaged field there will be an amount of levelling in any event.’
    • ‘The company is diversifying and in any event, it is an oil and gas company, not just oil.’
    • ‘The indications seem to be that they (or, at all events, many of them) are refugees because they are Marxists and probably communists and it is to be assumed that a significant proportion of their number are ‘activists’.’
    • ‘Lenin may well have found the term in a newspaper, probably in a report of the South African war; the Bolsheviks, at all events, adopted it.’
    • ‘It would have raised the question of whether one should die for art because, at all events, one was dying for nothing.’
    regardless, regardless of what happens, whatever happens, come what may, no matter what, at any rate, in any case, anyhow, anyway, even so, still, nevertheless, nonetheless
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