Definition of in ballast in English:

in ballast


  • (of a ship) laden only with ballast.

    • ‘Taking a ship in ballast from the Mersey to the Tyne around Scotland was never the best of voyages.’
    • ‘Having left Antwerp in ballast the 2000 ton ship was making her way to New York.’
    • ‘When wrecked, she was travelling in ballast with her four holds empty from her home port of Aarhus, Denmark, bound for Newcastle-upon-Tyne to pick up a general cargo.’
    • ‘The Ashbury sailed in ballast with 345 extra tons of stone rubbish.’
    • ‘Discharging commenced on arrival and was completed next afternoon when she sailed in ballast.’
    • ‘Through the 1920s and '30s the last great sailing ships would run from Europe to the Far East or Australia and back, then sail home to Åland with local cargo, or in ballast for the winter.’
    • ‘Many ore carriers preferred to clear Maryport in ballast, loading at South Wales ports with coal for Spain.’
    • ‘So she was - until she reached the west end of Lyme Bay at 8pm on 16 September, 1918, on her way from Cherbourg to Barry in ballast, writes Kendall McDonald.’
    • ‘In early 1935, the Rondo left Glasgow in ballast, intending to round Scotland, pick up a cargo in Dunstan, Northumberland, and carry it to Oslo.’
    • ‘She was torpedoed while in ballast off Ireland and abandoned, but did not sink.’