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in camera

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  • In private, in particular taking place in the private chambers of a judge, with the press and public excluded.

    ‘judges assess the merits of such claims in camera’
    • ‘The Court will normally hear cases in public unless the interests of justice demand in camera proceedings.’
    • ‘He knew, of course, about the bomber but all the technical details described at the inquest were held in camera and a veil soon seemed to settle over the tragic event.’
    • ‘The Department of Justice not only refused access to the information used by the FBI, it also objected to the judge examining them in camera.’
    • ‘If the government wants to lock someone up, they should prove it in a court, before a jury - or at worst, before a panel of judges in camera.’
    • ‘Not only would the court have to sit in camera but neither the detained person nor his legal advisers could be present or told any of the details.’
    covertly, without anyone knowing, in secret, in private, privately, in confidence, confidentially, behind closed doors, behind the scenes, behind someone's back, under cover, under the counter, discreetly, unobserved, quietly, furtively, stealthily, on the sly, on the quiet, privily, conspiratorially, clandestinely, on the side


in camera

/ˌin ˈkam(ə)rə/ /ˌɪn ˈkæm(ə)rə/