Definition of in common in English:

in common


  • 1In joint use or possession; shared.

    ‘a sect that had wives in common’
    • ‘They share something in common - all of them are best friends and all of them keep blogs.’
    • ‘One thing maybe we do share in common, coming from our part of the world, is individuality.’
    • ‘We didn't share many friends in common, just some very distant acquaintances.’
    • ‘In its simplest sense, the word community implies people with something in common.’
    • ‘We loose sight of the fact that we are all human with far more in common than we sometimes care to acknowledge.’
    • ‘A couple of weeks ago two writers with seemingly very little in common happened to meet.’
    • ‘For many years, Mrs Murphy was an asthmatic and that gave us something else in common.’
    • ‘I will make no assumptions that friends with things in common will get on with each other.’
    • ‘During the months and years that followed, Edwina and I discovered many interests in common.’
    • ‘The one thing they held in common was a singular interest in the top end of the game, and not our guild.’
    1. 1.1Law Held or owned by two or more people each having undivided possession but with distinct, separately transferable interests.
      • ‘Bearing this in mind, we now look at joint tenancies and tenancies in common.’
      • ‘If you own it as tenants in common, you can stipulate what share each party owns.’
      • ‘They should arrange to own the house as tenants in common, rather than as joint tenants.’
      • ‘The property is to be taken in the joint names of himself and his wife. They will be tenants in common.’
      • ‘The parties are clearly involved in business with a view to profit, but was there is an agreement between the corporations to carry on business in common?’