Definition of in common in English:

in common

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  • 1In joint use or possession; shared.

    ‘car engines have nothing in common with aircraft engines’
    • ‘They share something in common - all of them are best friends and all of them keep blogs.’
    • ‘One thing maybe we do share in common, coming from our part of the world, is individuality.’
    • ‘We didn't share many friends in common, just some very distant acquaintances.’
    • ‘In its simplest sense, the word community implies people with something in common.’
    • ‘We loose sight of the fact that we are all human with far more in common than we sometimes care to acknowledge.’
    • ‘A couple of weeks ago two writers with seemingly very little in common happened to meet.’
    • ‘For many years, Mrs Murphy was an asthmatic and that gave us something else in common.’
    • ‘I will make no assumptions that friends with things in common will get on with each other.’
    • ‘During the months and years that followed, Edwina and I discovered many interests in common.’
    • ‘The one thing they held in common was a singular interest in the top end of the game, and not our guild.’
  • 2Of joint interest.

    ‘the two men had little in common’
    • ‘Valerie added: ‘It helps that we both play as it means we have interests in common to share.’’
    • ‘At the two extremities of our continent, the Bulgarian and French peoples share common values and have many features in common.’
    • ‘To our contemporary ears this list is quite various; it is hard to think that they all have any interesting characteristics in common.’
    • ‘Although drawn from different sectors, they have a surprising amount in common that sets them apart from the simply ‘very good‘.’
    • ‘What soon emerges is that these two women have an eerie amount in common.’
    • ‘Older employees, having interests in common, formed one group, and the younger employees formed another.’
    • ‘We have tons in common, share a rather twisted sense of humor, and just get on so well together.’
    • ‘Although these microorganisms have diverse taxonomic classifications, they do have several characteristics in common.’
    • ‘Although leadership styles vary, depending upon the situation, all good leaders have certain characteristics in common.’
    • ‘However, tubers and rhizomes have several characteristics in common.’