Definition of in court in English:

in court


  • Appearing as a party or an attorney in a court of law.

    ‘he has appeared in court charged with stealing twelve million dollars’
    • ‘The case was adjourned so that all three defendants could appear in court together.’
    • ‘It is odd that you can get an acquittal, without the defendant even having to appear in court.’
    • ‘A man was arrested and appeared in court after a pedestrian and his terrier were killed.’
    • ‘The two were also given punishment orders when they appeared in court for sentence.’
    • ‘He was charged with breach of the peace, held overnight and appeared in court on Tuesday.’
    • ‘He was arrested while getting on a plane to Thailand and later appeared in court.’
    • ‘The long and short of it, is that he has to appear in court to answer the charge this week.’
    • ‘He had expressed genuine remorse and it was doubtful he would be appearing in court again.’
    • ‘At the end of this month, he will appear in court in Edinburgh for the first sitting of his appeal.’
    • ‘No court was in session on that day because no judge or justice of the peace was in court.’
    • ‘He is extremely upset and his outbursts in court have demonstrated the degree of that upset.’
    • ‘The function of the Service is limited to the presentation of the case in court.’
    • ‘This document may be produced in court as evidence to identify the owner or driver of the vehicle.’
    • ‘There also are strict rules for the order in which evidence is presented in court.’
    • ‘The doctor saw me hours after the incident and after I had been in court for this matter.’
    • ‘She had not wanted to go to the police as she knew everything would come out in court.’
    • ‘He pleaded not guilty, forcing the girl to undergo the trauma of giving evidence in court.’
    • ‘He was described in court by his own barrister as a social misfit, inept in the company of adults.’
    • ‘She had been charged with perjury, after claiming in court she had never set foot in there.’
    • ‘There was uproar in court when the magistrates agreed to adjourn the case to a date yet to be fixed.’