Definition of in danger of in English:

in danger of


  • Likely to incur or to suffer from.

    ‘the animal is in danger of extinction’
    • ‘It is a special place in a wonderful setting and is in danger of just becoming a town park rather than a country park.’
    • ‘We are in danger of simply looking at the issues of the hospitals in isolation.’
    • ‘We could be in danger of not addressing the skills shortages we need to address.’
    • ‘Police saved the day when a bride was in danger of not getting to the church in time.’
    • ‘He has broken a bone in his foot, and is now in danger of not being fit for the World Cup.’
    • ‘The tower was in danger of falling down, so the National Trust have a four year plan of restoration going on.’
    • ‘The prophets of doom were telling us that the world was in danger of global cooling not so long ago!’
    • ‘She believes the art of cake decorating is in danger of dying out - but she is determined to revive it.’
    • ‘After so many years on the road, this team is now in danger of breaking up.’
    • ‘If they don't begin to pick up points soon, Oban are in danger of being relegated from the top division.’
    • ‘Last year the magazine said the Irish market was in danger of a sharp fall, and it hasn't changed its tune.’
    • ‘Now they are in danger of making a pig's ear of government policy on health.’
    • ‘Recently my father advised officials that a stone wall supporting a road was in danger of collapse.’
    • ‘This crisis of trust in America is in danger of leading directly to a crisis of American capitalism.’
    • ‘Last week, no one was seriously hurt, and the police rarely seemed in danger of losing control.’
    • ‘Our labour market, meanwhile, is in danger of becoming the envy of the world in at least one respect.’
    • ‘If we do not do that, I think we are in danger of dispiriting people and not giving credit where credit is due.’
    • ‘I laughed so much I was in danger of rupturing a spleen or other anonymous organ.’
    • ‘As a result they're in danger of being buried under piles of useless and sometimes toxic rubbish.’
    • ‘There were even reports that the whole movie was in danger of being scrapped.’