Definition of in doubt in English:

in doubt

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  • 1Open to question.

    ‘the outcome is no longer in doubt’
    • ‘Now the fairness of the pools questionnaire is in doubt before it has left the printers.’
    • ‘An American would ask: if you were going to leave in doubt the question of who's better, why did you play the game?’
    • ‘Throughout her career, her commitment was never in doubt and her courage beyond question.’
    • ‘This has never been in doubt but we should have complete control over those who we intend to let in.’
    doubtful, uncertain, open to question, unsure, unconfirmed, unknown, unsettled, undecided, moot, unresolved, debatable, open to debate, in the balance, pending, in limbo, in no man's land, up in the air, confused, problematic, ambiguous
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    1. 1.1Feeling uncertain about something.
      ‘by the age of 14 he was in no doubt about his career aims’
      • ‘She said anyone in doubt should consult a GP who had the charts showing height and weight and what are the healthy limits.’
      • ‘Anyone in doubt about the sensitivity of land matters needs only to look across our southern border.’
      • ‘The events of the past are not in doubt; but the events of the future we can only guess.’
      • ‘He is a man alone who knows every detail but still seems in doubt about the meaning.’
      • ‘If in doubt, ask the removal company of your choice to come to estimate the size of vehicle which will be needed’
      • ‘The existence of the club appears in doubt unless players rally round.’
      • ‘That he can stay in tune and hit insinuating low notes isn't in doubt, but could he possibly sound any more detached?’
      • ‘When in doubt, whether about the point of discussion or your response, use silence.’
      • ‘If in doubt, don't guess: your doctor will be able to tell you whether the perforation has healed.’
      • ‘As a general rule, if in doubt, discard any dodgy outer leaves and wash well.’
      irresolute, hesitant, tentative, vacillating, dithering, wavering, teetering, fluctuating, faltering, ambivalent, divided
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