Definition of in embryo in English:

in embryo


  • At a rudimentary stage with the potential for further development.

    ‘the nations of modern Europe can be discerned in embryo by the end of the first millennium’
    • ‘The government has fiercely denied opposition claims that it has created an army in embryo, without parliament's consent.’
    • ‘To Tocqueville, this was popular sovereignty in embryo.’
    • ‘We may think we've missed it, but as Smith talks us through her ideas, which are presented with great fluency and wit, her thesis takes shape and, in embryo at least, is persuasive.’
    • ‘Such possibilities are still in embryo in Australia.’
    • ‘The modernised look of this town in embryo is increased by a hotel which shames many establishments of the sort found in large commercial towns.’
    • ‘Of course what we're seeing here is a liberal myth in embryo - that the Turks rather than Drake and Effingham beat the Armada.’
    • ‘You can recognise the man in embryo, marked by strong subservience to those above and superciliousness to those below him.’
    • ‘Think of it as a nice time capsule of Canadian legends in embryo, but ultimately inconsequential.’
    • ‘Mackenzie has a sure, visual touch and a mastery of cinematic language, at least in embryo.’
    • ‘It must be the first recorded sound of the authentic Connolly voice, his talent in embryo.’