Definition of in esse in English:

in esse


  • In actual existence.

    ‘They would in this connection distinguish between two types of causes - what they call ‘causes in fieri’ and what they call ‘causes in esse.’ A cause in fieri is a factor which brought or helped to bring an effect into existence.’
    • ‘Participation in esse determines the ability to act and operate.’
    • ‘Petitioners’ challenge to the decision is in any event meritless, because, even if other members of IGP have no connection to any ‘criminal prosecution in esse,’ the relief they seek is not ‘solely for return of property.’’
    • ‘Upon a finding by the clerk of the superior court that the interests of all members of the class, both those in esse and those not in esse, would be materially promoted by a sale, lease or mortgage of any such property, he shall enter an order that the sale, lease or mortgage be made.’
    • ‘A finite being acts substantially through the goodness that arises from its participation in esse.’


in esse

/ˌin ˈesē/ /ˌɪn ˈɛsi/ /ˌin ˈesā/ /ˌɪn ˈɛseɪ/