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in excess of

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  • More than; exceeding.

    ‘a top speed in excess of 20 knots’
    • ‘It was a special club draw for clubs selling in excess of twenty tickets above the quota.’
    • ‘The rocket left the pad, reaching a velocity in excess of five times the speed of sound in a couple of seconds.’
    • ‘Anthony revved the engine of the BMW on the main road doing well in excess of the speed limit.’
    • ‘Instead, the cameras do one simple job - they detect speeds in excess of a fixed speed limit.’
    • ‘Dr Adeley said as far as he was concerned Kaygun was travelling in excess of the speed limit.’
    • ‘It will be a great attraction and should draw a crowd in excess of 10,000 spectators.’
    • ‘The total value of the three contracts will be worth in excess of £100 million annually.’
    • ‘To some extent, you can't blame them when it sold in excess of 13 million copies.’
    • ‘It is now a national project and serves in excess of 20,000 children a year.’
    • ‘He'd lived a very frugal life and with canny investments left an estate in excess of £3m.’
    • ‘The state achieved a production in excess of 4 lakh tonne for the first time last year.’
    • ‘It has a population in excess of 900 which is more than many rural villages in the county.’
    • ‘The reason the house was uninhabited is that it needs in excess of £40,000 worth of work.’
    • ‘On a rough count I'm now getting in excess of 300 unsolicited mailings each and every day.’
    • ‘A sum in excess of 700 was raised on the night and this has been handed over to the red cross.’
    • ‘Is it just a glorified car boot sale that costs the ratepayers in excess of £300,000?’
    • ‘The sum raised was well in excess of £2,500 which will be a welcome boost to church funds.’
    • ‘At peak times staff were taking in excess of 600 calls an hour and working extremely long hours.’
    • ‘I agree one should not fork out in excess of four to five times the average weekly wage for any computer based on looks.’
    • ‘In the publishing industry at large, there are few jobs which pay in excess of 100,000 a year.’
    more than, over, above, over and above, upwards of, beyond
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