Definition of in exchange in English:

in exchange


  • As a thing exchanged.

    ‘at 8, he was carrying bags of groceries in exchange for a nickel’
    • ‘The emperor gave the two men a bag of gold coins in exchange for their promise to begin working on the fabric immediately.’
    • ‘If a new law is passed permitting sex in exchange for money to legally take place I believe many more people would stay safe.’
    • ‘I remember it clearly - Jason asking someone to sponsor his site in exchange for an iBook.’
    • ‘Israel would have received in exchange an equivalent geographic area on the West Bank.’
    • ‘The money offered in exchange for such abuse is too tempting for many of them.’
    • ‘Thus, it was of no surprise that they demanded nothing in exchange for freeing the twelve men.’
    • ‘For those families with larger families they should be able to phone for a larger bin in exchange for their existing one.’
    • ‘And besides, they have been providing entertainment in exchange for a tin of dog food per day.’
    • ‘If anyone needs a Gmail account, I have half a dozen to give away in exchange for a donation to the charity of your choice.’
    • ‘Several then offered me bits of dried fish or hard-boiled eggs in exchange.’
    • ‘Restaurants try to trick you out of a little more money in exchange for a lot more food.’
    • ‘You might be prepared to take a lower salary in exchange for that kind of security about your future.’
    • ‘He said the boy often cleaned planes in exchange for flight time and was very familiar with operations at the school.’
    • ‘A school is set to give up some of its land for a housing development in exchange for a new sports field, it has been revealed.’
    • ‘Many of these make false promises about solutions they can provide in exchange for hefty fees that they charge.’
    • ‘Liz is just joining a long line of celebrities who are happy to endorse unlikely products in exchange for the right fee.’
    • ‘At first we asked him to tell us the truth and then in exchange we'd ask the court to soften his punishment.’
    • ‘Olivier has agreed to help him improve his French in exchange for help in English.’
    • ‘He said the men took him to a forest and threatened to kill him but he convinced them to let him go in exchange for the car.’
    • ‘These contracts offer companies lower tariffs in exchange for the right to shut off their power in times of need.’