Definition of in facsimile in English:

in facsimile


  • As an exact copy.

    ‘thirty pages are reproduced in facsimile’
    • ‘While a few missing pages in Winterthur's copy have been supplied in facsimile, the work as a whole appears to be one of only four known copies.’
    • ‘At this point, it is worth noting the strides in technology which have significantly improved low-cost copying techniques since the British Museum manuscript was reproduced in facsimile by the same publishers.’
    • ‘What were obvious forgeries were reproduced in facsimile in J. M. Stuart-Young's ‘preposterous’ book, Osrac the Self-Sufficient.’
    • ‘Kubrick's production notes and annotated drafts of scripts are reproduced in facsimile, and it is fascinating to trace the evolution of his projects, including some which did not go into production.’
    • ‘The five Edinburgh price books reproduced here in facsimile present detailed labor costs for each of the many procedures needed to make each of the furniture forms covered.’
    • ‘Her novels, with an introduction by P. Koster, were reproduced in facsimile in 1971.’
    • ‘To read Eric Gill's books, still available in facsimile editions, in which Gill used ‘& ‘to replace ‘and’ throughout the text, is to come face-to- face with an anachronism.’
    • ‘He wrote a book about the Sydney settlement which is still available in facsimile and a vital historical source of information.’
    • ‘An image forming apparatus which has a facsimile function by which it records image data received in facsimile communications and a printer function by which it records image data output from a host computer.’
    • ‘The publication in facsimile of F.M. Piper's 1811-12 manuscript on the design of English landscape parks is a major event for garden historians.’