Definition of in favor of in English:

in favor of


  • 1To be replaced by.

    ‘he stepped down as leader in favor of his rival’
    • ‘When they fail that task I vote them out in favour of someone who will try harder.’
  • 2In support or to the advantage of.

    ‘the judge decided in favor of the defendant’
    • ‘the final score was 25-16 in favor of Washington’
    • ‘The union warned of a walkout in the new year if workers vote in favour of strikes.’
    • ‘Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of annual elections in a recent ballot.’
    • ‘Many locals and individual unions have voted in favor of a one-day general strike.’
    • ‘If a majority of members are in favour of strike action, dates for a walkout will be announced.’
    • ‘Eight members of the development control committee voted in favour of the project.’
    • ‘In a ballot held in March last year tenants voted in favour of the transfer.’
    • ‘How can he use this document as justification for voting in favour of the mall?’
    • ‘Those who voted in favour of the closure argue it will help preserve the historic structure.’
    • ‘In the end, no councillor voted in favour of the application and the plans were refused.’
    • ‘It was rumored that certificates were issued to those who were sure to vote in favor of revoking the charter.’
    on the side of, pro, for, all for, giving support to, giving backing to, right behind, encouraging of, approving of, sympathetic to