Definition of in flagrante delicto in English:

in flagrante delicto


(also in flagrante)
  • In the very act of wrongdoing, especially in an act of sexual misconduct.

    ‘he had been caught in flagrante with the wife of the Association's Treasurer’
    • ‘The photo at left is me, in flagrante delicto.’
    • ‘Peter is so convincing that even if he were caught in flagrante he would have a perfectly plausible explanation.’
    by surprise, unexpectedly, without warning, suddenly, abruptly, unprepared, off-guard, cold


in flagrante delicto

/ˌin fləˌɡränˌtā dəˈlikˌtō/ /ˌɪn fləˌɡrɑnˌteɪ dəˈlɪkˌtoʊ/ /ˌin fləˌɡranˌtā dəˈlikˌtō/ /ˌɪn fləˌɡrænˌteɪ dəˈlɪkˌtoʊ/


Latin, ‘in the heat of the crime’ (literally ‘in blazing crime’).