Definition of in flames in English:

in flames

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  • On fire; burning fiercely.

    ‘the plane plunged to the ground in flames’
    • ‘Much of the town is in flames as lava from a volcano began falling down on Thursday.’
    • ‘They both met in a grin and before I knew what was going on, the room was rumbling and caught in flames.’
    • ‘The whole street is up in flames, houses burning like stacks of firewood.’
    • ‘He has vivid memories of Zeppelin bombing raids over London during the First World War and saw three being shot down in flames.’
    • ‘England's lawns go to seed; homes are in flames after desperate cooks are forced to flambé with diesel.’
    • ‘Communal riots had Mumbai in flames and for the first time, she felt shaken.’
    • ‘The night sky was dirtied with thick grey smoke stemming from the entire city in flames.’
    • ‘She looked at the marble floors and wooden walls once bathed in beauty, now in flames.’
    • ‘When both of them came to their senses, they noticed the whole barrack was in flames.’
    • ‘Police said a man found the thermostat in flames and quickly put it out before the emergency crew arrived.’